Welcome Dancers, Dreamers, Drummers, Readers.

Portrait of a steampunk woman with a radio and booksWild Musette is your home for books, stories, and music.

Here you’ll find great books, short stories, and poetry. You’ll find traditional music and dance. And you’ll find a community that shares your enthusiasm for reading and music. Check out our events calendar for literary, music, and dance events.

Latest News

Music & Dance Coloring Book

In the Kick the Sparks coloring book you’ll arrive for the dance just in time, put on your shoes, jam with the band, and dance all night before the last waltz. This is a must-have gift for adults and children that love traditional music and dance. Delightful illustrations by Jeehyun Hoke capture the essence and joy of community dance.

Issue #1701 Now Available

The Wild Musette Journal features the best short fiction and poetry with an emphasis on music and dance. An anthology of music, mystery, and myth, the Journal always ventures far afield before returning to its core themes of music and dance. Lovers of fantasy, women’s fiction, traditional music, and dance will find lots to love in each issue. The Journal is formatted for easy mobile reading, so you can take it along to lunch or enjoy it during your commute. Subscribe to read it online for free, as an e-book, or in good old-fashioned print.