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Road to Orion

man and guitar in a dark room

[by Terry Sanville]


Albert Perkins let out a low moan as he slowly climbed the steps. “Damn knees,” he muttered and slumped into the first seat in back of the nickel-plated pole. The doors hissed shut and the bus driver momentarily twisted around, grinning.

“And a good afternoon to you, Mr. P. How’re gigs?” The driver  released the air brake and swung the big vehicle into traffic.

“You know damn well I haven’t had a gig in years. You be sure to let me know when Swing music comes back around.” Continue reading Road to Orion

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A Gift from Fibonacci

painting of a spiral

[by Sharon Kae Reamer]


She stared at her ballpoint pen on the conference table. The hum of voices was insistent, of the men-hammering-in-a-forge variety. She rotated the pen through an ever-widening spiral, picturing the equations defining the spiral in her head and their relation to other equations, other geometries, but always with the basic spiral body plan. Continue reading A Gift from Fibonacci

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Life Unframed

abstract painting of a face

[by Travis Burnham]

Isolde sat, waiting into late evening while the candles burned low, when finally her boyfriend called to cancel. It was Valentine’s Day and she’d taken all afternoon to prepare her boyfriend’s favorite—boeuf bourguignon with a side of homemade egg noodles. It wasn’t the first time her boyfriend had cancelled. Jaw clenched, she quietly told him it was the last time. Tinny with distance, the boyfriend yelled, cursed. She hung up, then fought back bitter tears before chugging from the bottle of Malbec. Continue reading Life Unframed