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Dance Artwork

We’re super excited to be publishing a contra dance coloring book! This is the original artwork from Jeehyun Hoke, the tremendously talented illustrator who put together this amazing collection of art for us.

Right now we’re getting all the artwork laid out and prepped for the book. The process for a graphics-intensive book is different than for the fiction we usually publish, so it has been an interesting experience for us.

But most of all we’re blow away by the incredible drawings and the way that Jee captured the essence of the dance.

Stay tuned. We’ll be providing more updates on this project as it progresses.

One thought on “Dance Artwork

  1. Wow! As an illustrator turned dancer, I absolutely love these drawings on multiple levels! The line work and characterization of the figures is top notch and I agree, the spirit of the festive nature of the dance is captured very well.

    If these drawing are meant to be colored, I imagine they’ll look even nicer.

    Thanks for sharing the great artwork!

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