Irish Set Dances

Wild Musette is pleased to sponsor a monthly Irish set dance workshop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Second Wednesday of each month, 7:00-9:30pm. Check our events calendar for details about upcoming dances.


Seymour Center (map)
2551 Homestead Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 968-2070

For bus service to/from UNC-CH campus check A and NS routes.


$5 per person

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About Irish Set Dancing

Irish set dancing is a form of community dance that is popular in Ireland. The sets are danced to Irish traditional music featuring fiddle, banjo, flute, and button accordion. Our dances use a mixture of recorded and live music provided by local musicians.

The dances look similar to American square and contra dances and share roots in the quadrilles of French court dancing. Beginning set dancers follow instructions from a caller as they move from place to place, whereas advanced dancers add footwork and have memorized the dances so that no calling is needed.

Beginners are welcome at our dances and all dances are taught.

This is what champion set dancers look like:

More commonly, community set dances look like this:

Our Sets

These are the sets that Wild Musette will be teaching and encouraging dancers to learn:

Core Sets

Additional Sets

Set Dancing Links


See our guidelines for musicians that want to play for Irish set dances.